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Direct Mail Industry Insights | July 26, 2023

Kingery MailTrack

Your Tracking/Sharing System for All Your USPS Direct Mail Campaigns

Kingery Printing offers our customers a unique and extraordinarily useful mail tracking system called Kingery MailTrack. With many USPS delays, you can stay on top of where—and when—your direct mail pieces are in the delivery process.

Kingery MailTrack allows you to view the progress of your mailings around the country by collecting data from the Intelligent Mail Barcode scans. This data is transferred to maps and spreadsheets to determine approximate delivery dates. In turn, you can plan your phone or email campaigns accordingly. The process costs $1.25/thousand-copies-mailed. The return-on-investment for anxiety reduction is off the charts!

MailTrack Benefits:

  • Track in-home dates of catalogs, magazines, and direct mail projects
  • Track mail by State, Zip Code, or Individual Address
  • Universal search function pulls up date for specific address or addresses across the U.S.
  • Reporting function allows easing sharing among all members of your team
  • 24-hour accessible via the Kingery Printing home page with just one click

The information gathered from the Kingery MailTrack can be used to help your team members, dealers, warehouses, or clients determine when an expected sales “bump” will occur from your recent mailing. This, in turn, can help you make decisions in support staffing. You will be able to see if there are any slowdowns in the delivery process. You will know when to sync your other marketing efforts to your delivered direct-mail pieces. As the saying goes, “timing is everything!”

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