New Rates for the Summer from USPS

Direct Mail | June 18, 2024

After filing a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) in April, the United States Postal Service will introduce new rates this summer.

Effective July 14, 2024, the USPS will implement a 5-cent increase in the price of a First-Class® Mail Forever stamp from 68¢ to 73¢. The proposed adjustments raise mailing services approximately 7.8%. Some of the new rates for specific classes of pieces are outlined below:

  • Letters (1oz) $0.68 to $0.73
  • Letters Metered (1oz) $0.64 to $0.69
  • Domestic Postcards $0.53 to $0.56
  • Media/Library Mail 9.9%
  • Marketing Mail Letters 7.896%
  • Bound Printed Matter Flats 5.796%
  • Bound Printed Matter Parcels 5.8%
  • Periodical 9.754%

To offset an increase in marketing flats, the USPS is extending its catalog incentive, which began on April 24, 2024. The USPS offers an incentive intended to improve reporting and analysis of catalog data within Marketing Mail (except EDDM-Retail) and Package Services. This incentive will provide a $0.001 per-piece discount (or $1/m) for mailers that identify catalogs to the Postal Service on their mailing statements.

“Incentives are different from promotions, and this incentive is designed to improve the operations of the Postal Service and eventually, the value of mail for mailers. The Postal Service wishes to increase the quantity and improve the quality of its data on catalogs. The Postal Service expects that better data will allow it to improve future Marketing Mail products and rate design in ways that enhance value for mailers and improve the efficiency of postal operations.” Printing Impressions has some more details the promotions your company can take advantage of here.

Is your marketing flat eligible for this incentive? If your catalog is:

  • Twelve or more pages.
  • Bound along one edge

Also your catalog must provide:

  • An organized and illustrated description of the products or services offered.
  • Prices or a method to determine prices.
  • Fulfillment information and options (shipping or pickup options)
  • Enough information to place an order (e.g., an order form, mailing address, telephone number, web address, or means to access a web address such as a QR code).

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