Time to Plan Your Planner

Industry Insights | May 18, 2023

Macro photo of printed and branded desktop stationery calendar

Ditching the desk calendar? DON’T!

Let’s bring back the analog beauty of desktop stationery.


Kingery Printing Company distributes KPC branded desk calendars and stationery for employees and clients. We think your business should do the same.

Now is the perfect time of year to begin designing and printing (or ordering if you aren’t a printer) your company’s stationery. Take advantage of summer lulls in your schedule and knockout to-dos like holiday gifts and holiday cards. You can also complete next year’s pro-forma promotional items ahead of trade shows and client visits. Summer is over in the blink of an eye, and the third and fourth quarters go by even faster. Address your B2B and intraoffice needs for printed stationery before it’s too late!

Let’s look at some reasons to reintroduce calendars and stationery as part of your company’s marketing:
  1. Paper desk calendars are a practical, convenient, and tangible tools. Employees in sales or customer service can organize schedules, appointments, and due dates. Readily available and visible on a desk; paper calendars don’t require a device to check the schedule or jot down an upcoming meeting
  2. Take a break from constant screen time and reduce digital fatigue. Calendars, note pads, and planners provide a small sense of technological balance. Printed organizational tools also offer a backup in case of technological issues or power outages.
  3. Showcase your company’s branding! Personalized notepads, yearly desk or wall calendars, and printed promotional items all work to “sell” for you when you can’t be in front of your customer. Your company logo and brand colors, paired up with legible contact info, put you front-and-center on the desks of clients. 
  4. Providing desk calendars is a relatively inexpensive gesture of appreciation for your team. You value their time management, productivity, and well-being; show them with well-designed piece of stationery. Unify and enhance the work environment with branded desktop stationery.

If you’d like a deeper dive into this seemingly antiquated office space stalwart, visit How Life Unfolds for a nice rundown of the advantages. Kingery Printing prints and binds saddle-stitched wall calendars or with mechanical coil binding. If your company would like a quote on its next wall calendar project, contact us today!

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