Dangerous Increase in Cyber Security Threats

Company News Industry Insights | June 27, 2023

cyber security at Kingery Printing

What Steps Are We Taking To Combat Scammers?

Kingery Printing has seen a dangerous increase in both the quantity AND quality of social engineering e-mail scams. Attacks of this nature include spear phishing, “smishing,” and packet-sniffing. A single misstep from someone in your company could end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. It is vital to stay ahead of the scammers and their ever-evolving tactics. To keep our customers and employees safe, Kingery has several cyber security measures in place. We work hard to keep our practices current and effective. With some of the new fraud attempts we have witnessed, we are re-doubling efforts by adding plain communication to our e-mails, onboarding forms, and invoices.

To continually develop our staff and systems toward a culture of cyber security, Kingery Printing Company will:

  • Place the following warning on all our invoices and statements: ”Kingery Printing Company will never communicate account or wire information via e-mail without authenticating it with a phone call. We encourage the use of our website to pay an invoice or group of invoices via ACH transfer with no fee—it’s free! Our secure payment portal is found at
  • We will place the same notice in the footer of all e-mails generated from the Accounting Department.
  • Kingery Printing Company requires all employees using e-mail to enroll and complete the KnowBe4 training which educates our staff to identify phishing and “smishing” e-mails and SMS messages. We intentionally encourage and require a cyber-security culture at Kingery Printing Company.

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