7 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas That Work

Direct Mail | May 12, 2021

Ideas for Your Direct Mail Marketing Efforts

7 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas That Work: 

So you just found out that 60% of marketers say direct mail has the highest ROI of all marketing channels. 

1. New product promotion

People receive over 150 emails a day. Think your new product promotion will stand out from all the digital noise? 

2. Identity verification

Scammers can cause a lot of problems in a variety of industries. Add identity verification to your direct mail marketing ideas to help circumvent costly issues.‍

3. Product samples

A big barrier when people are purchasing physical products online is not being able to taste, smell, or experience the product. 

4. Direct mail for upsells

Just because someone made one purchase doesn’t guarantee they’ll continue to make purchases. You still have to build loyalty and encourage more purchases if you want customers to be life-long brand advocates.

5. Reengagement for unsubscribers

With an increasing number of tools like, it’s getting easier for people to unsubscribe en masse. When you can’t reach someone by email anymore

6. Co-marketing campaigns

Want to expand your audience fast? Add collaboration to your marketing ideas! Combine your resources and run a mutually beneficial direct mail co-marketing campaign.‍

7. In-store campaigns

Need to increase foot traffic? Sending coupons, discount codes, and punch cards that can only be used in-store can offer that much-needed boost in foot traffic.‍

There are no limits on direct mail marketing ideas. These ideas are all distinct with unique goals, but they all use one or more of these tactics. They segment their audiences based on geography or where they are in the sales funnel. They personalize their offers, imagery, or messaging. And finally, they automate at least part of the process.

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