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Kyle has been with Kingery Printing Company since December of 2017 and the printing industry since the Summer of 1997.

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Ext. 1652

As a young mother, Deb worked at home as a Mary Kay consultant. Mary Kay Ash taught her a lot of things that she uses to this day:

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Ext. 404

Kimberly has been with Kingery Printing for a little over 5 years. Previously, she worked with Special Olympics Illinois and served the East Central Area-9 for 8 years.

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Ext. 1655

Jordan has been with Kingery Printing for nearly 9 years, spending time in the bindery and mailing departments before accepting a role in Customer Service 2 ½ years ago.

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Ext. 423

Staci has been with Kingery Printing for nearly 5 years.  She lives in the Effingham area with her husband, Obie, and their daughter Emerson.

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Ext. 422

Kim has been in the printing industry for 38 years—22 years at RR Donnelly & Sons, 16 at United Graphics/Kingery Printing.

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Ext. 1657

Elizabeth Sparr




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Susan Strange




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Kim Harvey




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Tonya Yocum




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Cherity McGee



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