Web Press Head Pressman

The Head Pressman is in charge of the printing operations on his press. He is ultimately responsible for producing printed product with a minimum of cost at the highest quality standards. He is the leader of a crew, and as such is accountable for their actions and productivity as well.
  • Responsible for product quality
  • Responsible for end quantities
  • Responsible for Quality Assurance paperwork
  • Organizes all information for job being produced
  • Ensures quality for product being produced
  • Checks signatures being produced for trim and bleed correctness
  • Helps with overall maintenance and care of machine
  • Sets register and watches overall printing
  • Sets up folder
  • Identifies and documents problems with job
  • Continually trains the 2nd pressman
Skills and Knowledge:
  • Strong knowledge of the mechanics and capabilities of press
  • Good eye for color
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Strong experience in running, troubleshooting, and quality control on the press
  • Good communication both verbal and written
  • Self starter
  • Must be able to read a ruler
Reports To: Productiion Manager